Thermal Imaging Termite inspections from Sydney’s termite experts

Worried you might have termites?

How can you be sure what termites might be up to inside the walls of your home?

Remove any doubt with a hi-tech thermal termite inspection from Pink Pest Services

Wall with hidden termite nest
Wall with hidden termite nest (tape place after discovery)
Thermal image showing hidden termite nest
Thermal image showing hidden termite nest

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Our Hi-tech termite inspections

Termite inspections that exceed Australian Standards 3660

The standard visual inspection will inspect

  • Each room of the property
  • Roof void (inspecting each roofing timber)
  • Sub-floor (if you have one)
  • Any out-buildings
  • Fencing and garden features
  • Trees on the property up to 30m from the house

In addition, the hi-tech inspection will include

  • Use of thermal imaging termite inspection cameras to scan wall voids for areas of heat, that could indicate a termite nest or areas of termite activity
  • Use of Termatrac termite detector to pick up any motion behind walls in suspect areas that could be termite activity
  • Use of Moisture meters to detect areas of moisture or leaks behind walls that could indicate leaks or moisture brought into the house be active termites

You will receive

Verbal feedback with the opportunity to discuss our findings plus a comprehensive written inspection report. The report will highlight any areas of termite activity or damage, conditions that may make your home more susceptible to a termite attack and recommendations on how to remedy any issues and protect your home into the future.

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Why have a high tech termite inspection?

Standard termite inspections carried out by our experienced termite inspectors are good and will meet Australian Standards, but they are only visual inspections, they do not involve invasive techniques to look behind walls and other obstructions to see what’s going on behind.

Traditionally, we would need to drill holes in walls to allow borescope cameras to look inside. The new, smart high-tech way to see what’s going on is to use a combination of two of the latest termite detection tools; a thermal image camera and the Termatrac termite detection device.

Thermal imaging camera

Pink Pest Services continues to lead the industry by using the latest technology to deliver the best results for our customers. Pink Pest Services use either the Flir E60 or Flir T540 High Resolution Thermal Imager. These cameras provide up to 10 times the detection of ‘older’ devices and are genuine thermal imaging cameras.

Be aware of companies that claim to offer thermal imaging inspections, yet use cheap “thermal imaging equipment” that look impressive to the homeowner, but actually lack the sensitivity or resolution needed to pick up termite activity, lulling customers into a false sense of security.

Thermal imagers with lower resolution are not sensitive enough to really assist in locating termites. Pink Pest Services only consider the following models sensitive enough to ensure activity is detected; Flir E60, Flir T540, Flir T600 and Flir T 620.

Flir E60 thermal imaging camera

Flir E60 thermal imaging camera

Flir T540 thermal image camera for termites

Flir T540, the latest in thermal imaging cameras for termites

We’re one of the few pest control companies in Australia that’s invested in this technology. The camera combined with our training means you gain access to the highest level of termite detection available … giving you that important peace of mind, knowing your property is clear of termites.

Termatrac termite detector

If we detect suspect areas with the thermal imaging camera or other areas of concern, we can also scan behind walls with our Termatrac device, the worlds No,1 termite detector. The Termatrac device contains a motion detector that can detect termite movement behind walls and is so sensitive that our trained inspectors can often track the termite activity to find the entry point where termites are accessing your house.

Termatrac termite detection kit

Termatrac termite detection kit

Termatrac termite detector

Termatrac termite detector can pick up termite movement behind walls

Moisture meters

We also use high quality moisture meters ­– a piece of equipment all good inspectors should be using. This is valuable in picking up leaks behind walls and in showers, problems that need to be fixed to prevent termite attack – termites love moisture!

Moisture behind walls can also indicate an area of termite activity or even a termite nest (termites bring moisture into areas where they are active).

Used in combination with the thermal image camera and Termatrac, this three-pronged technology inspection delivers the most comprehensive inspection available, without damaging your home. Only if termites are detected would further invasive inspection be considered.

The next time you book your termite inspection consider a small extra investment for a high-tec termite inspection. When you’re protecting your largest investment, you want to make sure no stone is left unturned…. giving you that extra peace of mind.

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