Termite Inspections in Sydney

Termite inspections from the Sydney termite specialists

Worried you may have termites or just need to book your annual termite inspection? 

Our detailed, professional termite inspections will find

  • Termite activity
  • Visible termite damage
  • Conditions conducive to termite attack
Detailed termite inspections

Why you can be confident in a termite inspection from Pink Pest Control

  • Our inspectors are fully qualified timber pest inspectors with many years experience
  • We utilise the latest termite detection technology
  • We take our time to cover all areas of the property and buildings, especially the roof void and sub-floor (if you have one)
  • We provide a comprehensive report with photos and a list of recommendations about how to protect your home from termites
  • We are fully licensed and insured
  • We’ve been protecting Sydneysiders for over 25 years!
Termatrac termite detector
Termatrac termite detector

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Why should I have a termite inspection?

A professional termite inspection is like a health check for your home. When we carry out an inspection, although we are looking for termites, we’ll also let you know if we find for other timber pests such as mould, wood decay and borers. But most importantly we are also looking for conditions or maintenance issues around your home that may make your house more likely to be attacked by termites – leaking showers, poor drainage, stored materials and more.

With termite damage not covered by standard home insurance, the various governments, building authorities and Australian Standards, recommend a comprehensive termite inspection at least annually, sometime more often in areas of high termite pressure. It really is the very least a property owner should do to protect their most valuable asset.

What should I expect with a professional pest inspection from Pink Pest Services?

  • Prepare for our visit

Termite inspections are visual inspections, we can only inspect those areas to which we have access. If you have areas with lots of stored goods, which may prevent access or inspection, particularly in areas where you have concern, you should make every effort to improve access. Areas where access can often be restricted include the roof void, sub-floor and garage (just the places termites like to do their damage!).

  • The inspection

You will need to be present during the inspection. Not only does this give you the opportunity to highlight any areas of concern, but also it is important so that you can provide access to all areas of the property.

The inspection itself will take at around 1.5 hours, but we can provide an estimate for the duration of the inspection once we know the size and construction type of your property.

(Asking how long the inspection will take is a good question to ask any pest control company you are considering of contracting. If they estimate less than an hour for an average house, it is likely they will not be doing a thorough inspection. Also be aware of companies that offer a free “termite checks” in Sydney. These are not the same as a comprehensive inspection and provide little in the way of protection to homeowners if the ‘inspector’ misses something).

  • The report

The inspector is able to provide a verbal summary of findings at the end of the inspection, but the complete inspection report is the important document. We will provide our termite inspection report by email immediately on completion of the inspection. If you don’t have an email address, it will be posted to you. This will contain a complete list of the findings; any termite activity on the property, a list of visible termite damage and any conducive conditions found that would make the property more attractive to termite attack. It will also contain a list of recommendations and termite treatments, if required.

We are happy to discuss the report if you have any questions, once you have read the document.

Additional inspections

Although we use the latest “standard” termite detection equipment during an inspection such as moisture meters and Termatrac termite detectors, property owners have the opportunity to upgrade their inspection to a full thermal imaging termite inspection, for absolute peace of mind.

The standard termite inspection is only a visual inspection (we do not move things or drill into walls), which means we may sometimes recommend a further invasive inspection (drill into walls to get a better look), to confirm whether there is a termite problem or not.

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What are the signs of termite activity?

Detecting the subtle signs of termite activity is certainly a job for the professional, but there are some obvious signs to look out for:

  1. Actually see termites in the house or yard
  2. Winged termites (alates) or termite wings. The winged termites are the new kings and queens that have emerged from a mature termite colony nearby, looking to start a new termite nest.
  3. Termite mudding in the sub-floor, roof void or on fences or trees in the yard. The termites use these protective tubes to protect themselves from predators and drying out.
  4. Any “bubbling” on paint, walls or woodwork. This maybe the sign that termites are at work underneath, especially if there is the occasional hole covered with mud (where they have got to close to the surface).
  5. Faint chewing or tapping noise at night. It is possible to hear the termites eating and the tapping is the termites “head-banging” to communicate with each other.
Termite mudding in roof
Termite mudding in roof
Termite mudding on tree
Termite mudding on tree
Termites under paintwork
Termites under paintwork

If you notice any of these, between one inspection and the next, give us a call immediately

What should you do if you think you have termites?

If you find termites or think you might have termites, the golden rule it to phone us immediately.

  • DON’T spray with insecticides – it only kills a few (not the nest) and repels them from the area (they will appear elsewhere, often unseen!).
  • DON’T break open any mud tubes
  • DON’T break open walls or areas of damage where they might be feeding

All these actions can disturb the termites, only for them to re-appear somewhere else in the house. If the termites are not there, it makes it very difficult to treatment them! So, however tempting it make be to investigate yourself, please give us a call immediately

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