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Suffering a termite attack can be an upsetting experience. You need to know you are getting the best advice and guaranteed results, to put your mind at ease.

Pink Pest Services are the Sydney termite specialists, helping Sydneysiders protect their homes for over 36 years. We are the experts you can trust.

8 reasons to choose Pink Pest Services

  1. 100% Performance Guarantee*
  2. Free on-site termite treatment quotes from highly-trained termite experts before we start – so you needn’t worry about nasty surprises
  3. Price-beat guarantee. We’ll beat any equivalent quote by $100**
  4. Professional, uniformed termite technicians…for the highest level of service plus no mess and no disturbance
  5. A commitment to environmentally-friendly techniques and methods to protect you, your family, and your pets
  6. Fully licensed and insured – always ask every termite company for their license and insurance, make sure it covers termite treatments
  7. Payment plans available – no interest ever!
  8. Termite insurance (TimberSecure) is available with eligible treatments


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** Performance guarantee. If termites appear after treatment from Pink Pest Services, we return at our expense to make sure your property is termite-free. No questions asked.
** Price-beat guarantee. We will beat any quote for an equivalent termite treatment, delivered to the same standards, by $100.

You probably felt a great deal of uncertainty when you noticed the first signs of termites. You’re probably wondering about the extent of your termite problem, the amount of damage and the likely cost of treatment and repair, let us put your mind at ease.

Here’s What To Expect When You Request A FREE On-Site Quote:


    Provided your request is sent within business hours, we’ll get back to you on the same day to arrange a time to visit the property so we can prepare a quote. In the mean time, we’ll send you a copy of our special report – “First Response: Must-Know Termite Facts”.



    The best way for us to provide a thorough, obligation-free quote is for us to inspect the termite problem in person at a time that’s convenient for you. Our trained experts will examine the extent of the infestation and quote on the best method to get rid of your termites before they can cause further damage.

    Be very wary of any company prepared to provide a quote over the phone – each home and termite problem is different and it’s impossible to understand the problem and provide the correct termite solution unless you have viewed the property. Often we may provide more than one option. Different construction types and different situations will be unsuitable for some treatments – we choose the correct options for your situation. Be wary of companies that push only one option, without explaining why.



    Unlike some of our competitors, our quotes are genuinely obligation-free. While we’d love for you to choose us, we’ll never pressure you to do so! When you choose Pink, you’re choosing Sydney’s termite control specialists – backed by 36 years of proven results.


We do not try to be the cheapest termite control company, we try to be the best, by delivering superior results and first class customer service. However, we will beat any comparable quote by $100! (Quote must be for the same treatment, delivered to Australian Standards, using the same products).

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When you suffer a termite attack, you want them gone quickly, but you also want the assurance that the termites won’t come back.

To make sure we meet the highest standards and our customer expectations, Pink Pest Services follow a comprehensive 4 step treatment process.

A comprehensive termite treatment follows 4 key steps

  1. A comprehensive termite inspection
    A comprehensive termite inspection needs to be carried out before finalising the treatment proposal. It is designed to identify the species of termite present, all areas of termite activity and how they are entering the building – vital information to use in designing a treatment plan.
    We utilise the latest termite detection equipment. In addition to our skills as termite inspectors we can use boroscope cameras, which can probe wall voids and small spaces and other specialist equipment, such as Termatrac, to locate activity hidden behind walls.


  1. Eradicate active termites from the building
    The first step is to get rid of termites from the building. We always try and locate the nest and destroy it directly, but in the majority of cases the termite nests are so well hidden, that this isn’t possible. Using termite baits are a great solution as they eliminate active termites from the building and kill the termite colony.


  1. Protect the building from future attack
    Eradicating termites from the building and even killing the termite nest, does not protect the building from future termite attack. Quite often there can be more than one nest in the area and termites can travel up to 100m from their nest to a feeding site!
    To protect a building from future attack, either a termite monitoring and baiting systems is placed around the building or a termite soil treatment is carried out around (and under) the home. The choice of termite treatment will depend on construction type and soil conditions, whilst taking into account any preferences of the homeowner.


  1. Ongoing termite inspections
    No matter the termite management system installed, to maintain any warranties, regular inspections are required to make sure the system remains intact and the home protected from termites.


Termite warranty / insurance:

All our termite treatments and protection systems come with a variety of warranties.

Baiting systems: As long as a baiting system is in place and serviced by Pink Pest Services, we will deal with any termite activity at buildings protected by the baiting system.

Chemical treatments: Pink Pest Services offer a warranty in line with the expected life of the chemical in the soil (typically 8 years), providing annual termite inspections are carried out by Pink Pest Services.

TimberSecure Insurance: Customers who have an eligible, complete termite protection system installed (baiting system or chemical soil treatment) have the opportunity to purchase a 5 year insurance policy (TimberSecure), which provides cover from termite damage for 5 years from the date of installation. This policy is offered by Pacific International and gives homeowners great peace of mind. If you sell the home, it can even be transferred to the new owner. More information on TimberSecure insurance.

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We will always use the best termite products for your situation; depending on termite species, construction type, soil and environmental features and any personal preferences.

All our recommendations will deliver excellent performance on termites, whilst also being environmentally smart and in the case of termite baits, chemical free.

Products to eradicate active termites from your house

To eradicate termites, there are three key products available; termite dusts, termite foams and termite baits. The choice of product will depend on the location of the activity, how much activity is present and the termite species concerned. However, all things being equal, termite baits are our preferred method of control.

The key reason for our preference for baits, is that it remains the only proven technique to consistently eradicate the termite nest causing the problem. Our customers don’t just want termites out of the house, they don’t want them back, ever!

Termite baits contain an attractive termite food (cellulose) and slow acting insecticide. The baits are placed where the termites are feeding, they take the bait back to the nest, passing it around to the nest mates and the queen. Over a period of weeks, the whole termite nest is destroyed.

But baits don’t always work well on all species. In such situations we will use one of the other products to eliminate termites from the building.

Products to protect your home from future termite attack

The are two main termite management systems designed to protect buildings from termite attack; chemical treatment to the soil around and under buildings or the use of a termite baiting and monitoring system.

Chemical soil treatments for termites:

The idea of a soil treatment is that the chemical treated zone, in conjunction with the physical properties of the building, prevents termites getting into the house without being noticed. However, chemical treatments to the soil do not create a “barrier”, they create a chemical treated zone. For example, termites can still build a trail over the treated zone, either within a mud tube or using a tree root or other “bridge”.

Chemical treated zones are useful, but they are not a set and forget – 6 or 12 monthly inspections are still required to maintain any warranty. It is also not possible to use chemical treatments in all situations. For example the soil type may not allow chemical application or the building construction is such that it does not allow the application of a continuous treated zone, which would leave gaps in the treatment.

Termite monitoring and baiting systems:

Termite monitoring systems consist of a range of plastic bait stations placed in the ground around the property. Wood is placed in the bait stations. Any termites in the area will find the bait stations and start feeding on the wood. This activity will be picked up in the regular inspections (every 3 months) and bait will be added. Termites will then start feeding on the bait (containing slow acting insecticide), killing the termite colony and protecting the property.

Whilst we use both chemical soil treatment as well as termite monitoring systems, we generally have a preference for termite baiting and monitoring systems for the following reasons;

•    Can be used in a wide range of construction types / soil conditions
•    Less disruption during installation – in most situations no drilling or digging up pavers and garden beds)
•    Less risk of disruption after installation – homeowners don’t have to be worried that their gardening activities (or floods), with degrade the chemical treated zone
•    No chemicals are sprayed around the home
•    Environmentally smart termite solution
•    If termites are present the system will kill the termite nest

As Sydney’s leading termite specialist, Pink Pest Services have access to all the leading termite bait products; Sentricon, Exterra and Nemesis.

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Spotting the subtle signs of termite attack can be very difficult. Termites are very secretive and often their activity only becomes obvious once significant damage has been done. This is one reason why regular, professional termite inspections are a must for homeowners.

However, there are 5 key signs you may have a termite problem

  1. Actually see termites in the house or yard
  2. Winged termites (alates) or termite wings. The winged termites are the new kings and queens that have emerged from a mature termite colony nearby, looking to start a new termite nest.
  3. Termite mudding in the sub-floor, roof void or on fences or trees in the yard. The termites use these protective tubes to protect themselves from predators and drying out.
  4. Any “bubbling” on paint, walls or woodwork. This maybe the sign that termites are at work underneath, especially if there is the occasional hole covered with mud (where they have got to close to the surface).
  5. Faint chewing or tapping noise at night. It is possible to hear the termites eating and the tapping is the termites “head-banging” to communicate with each other.
If you think you have termites, here’s what to do…
•    Don’t spray them
•    Don’t disturb them or break open mud tubes
•    Give us a call and we will be around to assess the situation

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If you find termites or thing you might have termites, the golden rule it to phone us immediately.

  • DON’T spray with insecticides – it only kills a few (not the nest) and repels them from the area (they will appear elsewhere, often unseen!).
  • DON’T break open any mud tubes
  • DON’T break open walls or areas of damage where they might be feeding

All these actions can disturb the termites, only for them to re-appear somewhere else in the house. If the termites are not there, it makes it very difficult to treatment them! So, however tempting it make be to investigate yourself, please give us a call immediately

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Termite treatment and control

If you have termites, you want them gone quickly and permanently. Pink Pest Control utilise a range of termite control treatments, choosing the best treatment for your situation. The termite treatment options will depend on the termite species present, construction type and environmental factors, as well as any personal preferences. The size of the property will have a big impact on the termite treatment cost.

Termite baiting systems

Termite baiting is the proven way to eliminate termites from buildings and actually kill the nest. Termite bait (a cellulose based material containing a slow acting insecticide) is placed where the termites are feeding. The termites take the bait back to the nest where it is fed to other nest members including the termite queen. It is slow acting so it has the chance to be passed around all colony members before its effects are noticed, dooming the colony. It can take several weeks to get control, but you then have the confidence that the nest is dead, reducing the termite pressure on your property.

For the ongoing protection of the property termite monitoring and baiting creates an ideal termite management system. Termite monitoring stations are placed discretely in the ground around the property and contain wood attractive to termites. Any termites in the area will find this wood and the activity will be detected in one of our quarterly inspections. If there is activity, we add termite bait, which the termites feed on, killing the colony in weeks, thus protecting your property.

This baiting technique has been proven for decades around the world as an ideal termite management system to provide termite protection for properties. In addition to its proven performance, unlike chemical soil treatments (see below), the system is not affected by soil movement or environmental conditions such as flooding. Customers utilising a termite monitoring and baiting system to protect their property may have the opportunity to purchase TimberSecure termite insurance for that additional peace of mind.

Termite “barrier” treatments

The other key treatment for protecting your home from termites is the application of termite chemicals into the soil around and under your house. The termite chemicals used fall into two broad groups; repellent chemicals and non-repellent chemicals.

Repellent chemicals such as Biflex rely on creating a complete and continuous termite barrier around the property that repels the termites. The theory being that the only way for termites to get around the barrier is to build a mud tube over the top of the treatment. If they do this, they can be seen and dealt with. In practice however, it is very difficult to get a complete and continuous barrier, as soil movement, rocks and tree roots will all impact the movement of the chemical, even when the best efforts are made for a “perfect” application. Termites are very good at finding gaps in termite treatments with repellent chemicals!

The other type of termite chemical treatment uses non-repellent chemicals such as Termidor. When we carry out a termite chemical treatment, our preferred treatment is a Termidor application. Termites cannot detect Termidor in the soil and when they try entering the treated soil, they pick up the chemical and die. Although Termidor is an excellent treatment, it cannot be used on all property types and its performance can still be affected by soil movement, tree roots and flooding.

Before any termite treatment is applied to the soil, around and under a property, it is important to first get rid of active termites inside the building, otherwise the soil treatment may trap the termites inside. Eradication of termites inside the building is typically carried out using termite dusts, termite foams or termite baits, with the choice of product being determined by the situation. As we have already discussed, all things being equal, our preferred termite treatment is termite baiting as it is proved to actually kill the termite nest.

A note on termite “barriers”. Although many refer to chemical treatments around the perimeter of the home as a termite barrier, as we have pointed out above, they are not a barrier at all. They are more accurately described as creating a treated zone. The objective of the treated zone is to prevent termites getting into the house without being noticed. If they build their mud tubes over the top of the treatment they can be detected and dealt with – one of the key reasons that annual termite inspections are critical.

Termite inspection Sydney

Termite inspections are a must for property owners. Whether you have a termite management system in place or not, Australian Standards and building authorities recommend professional termite inspections to be carried out at least once a year, but more often in areas of high termite pressure.

A professional termite inspection is not the same as the free “termite check” that may be offered by some companies. A comprehensive termite inspection involves inspecting each room in turn, each timber in the roof void, the sub-floor (if present), the garage and any outbuildings, as well as the yard, trees and fences. To do this properly takes time. How long it takes will depend on the size of the property but it normally takes around 1.5 hours for a small / medium property.

Pink Pest Control use a range of inspection equipment where appropriate, including moisture meters and motion detectors, which can pick up termite activity behind walls. Pink Pest Control also has thermal imaging cameras available (for an additional charge), for your extra peace of mind.

The result is a comprehensive multipage report with photos, explaining the findings. The report will detail any termite activity detected, termite damage spotted and conditions that may be conducive to future termite attack, such as leaks and drainage issues, as well as a list of recommendations. Since we go where most homeowners fear to tread, it really is a “health check” for your home.