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Our Professional Spider Treatment

Black house spider and web

Black house spider and web

Our specialist spider treatment primarily targets outdoor areas (as spiders typically live outside, only coming inside ‘by accident’. The exception to this is White Tail Spiders which are often active in roof and wall voids. We utilise a specialist spider product that is particularly effective on spiders and can last on surfaces for many months, preventing them building their webs.
To get complete control of a spider problem and get lasting protection, a specialist spider product is normally required
• Spray the base of external walls and around vents and other low level entry points.
• Spray areas in the yard of concern; outdoor furniture, pergolas, pool fencing, boundary fences, rockeries, bbq areas, sheds, playgyms etc
• Spot treatments inside the house, roof void and garage as required.

What to expect with a spider treatment?

As well as controlling any spiders that we spray directly, the spray leaves residual insecticide on the surface of treated areas. When the spiders crawl across the surface, they pick up the insecticide and die.

Our spider control treatments include a 6 month warranty on redback, funnel web and white tail spiders

(However, it is important to carry out our spider prevention tips – see bottom of page)

No treatment is 100% effective on hunting or running spiders, such as huntsman and white tail spiders. This is because they tend to walk on the very tips of their legs, allowing them to walk over treated surfaces without picking up sufficient insecticide.

BUT our spider treatment also has an indirect impact on hunting spiders. Our treatment can control black house spiders, a favourite food of white tail spiders and the treatment also has a general pest control effect, reducing the level of all insects around your home. With little food about the number of hunting spiders around your home will be dramatically reduced!

All our treatments are designed to be safe around your family and pets and we will discuss any particular concerns you may have before we start.


White tail spider

White tail spider



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When you contact us for your free quote, we’ll ask you a few questions to help us give you a the best price and advice over the phone, such as:

  • How many bedrooms does your house have?
  • How big is your land?
  • What is your house made of?
  • What access exists, if any, to your roof and subfloor?
  • How many stories is your home?
  • Is the problem just on your home or on fencing as well?
  • Is your problem a general spider problem or a problem with a specific species of spider such as huntsman, white-tail spiders, redbacks or black house spiders.

If you give us accurate answers to these questions, we can give you a quick and easy, binding quote over the phone – and we promise NO surprises down the road.

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Key spider facts

Spiders are generally considered as “beneficials” as they help keep insect populations down. However, for many spiders are considered a pest.

Why are spiders pests?

  • Several species of spider capable of delivering bites with serious health consequences, of particular concern for children and pets
  • Their webs can being unsightly, especially in large numbers on the exterior of buildings
  • Of course some people suffer a very real fear or spiders -–arachnophobia
Funnel web spider

Funnel web spider

Funnel web spiderThere are generally two types of spiders:

  • Web-building spiders (eg. Redbacks and black house spiders)
  • Running or hunting spiders (eg. Huntsman and white-tail spiders)

Seek medical attention immediately if you think you’ve been bitten by a funnel web or redback.

There is no evidence that white-tail spider bite cause ‘flesh eating’ sores – it’s a myth!

The male funnel web spider goes wandering in late summer/autumn, looking for a mate. If they find their way into your home, this is when you may get bitten.

The male funnel web bite is more toxic than the female.

Don’t pick a spider out of your pool with your hands. A funnel web spider can live for over 24 hours underwater with air trapped under it’s body hairs.


You’ll find that most general questions are answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, just contact us.

BONUS! Spider Prevention Tips

As part of an effective spider control program, in addition to our spider treatment there are a range of actions the homeowner can take to keep spiders out of the home:

  • As spiders like to hide in mulch and vegetation, keeping garden beds away from the edge of the house will significantly reduce the spider population.
  • If garden beds next to the house are retained it is important to keep vegetation trimmed back from the edge of the house and paths. This will prevent garden spiders building their large webs across paths.
  • Remove piles of wood and waste material around the house – a favourite hiding place for redback spiders.
  • If the occasional spider gets in, keep clothes and shoes off the floor to reduce spider hiding places. White-tailed spiders and huntsman spiders tend to come inside to escape the summer heat. Clothes on the floor are cool, dark places to hide and are similar to their natural hiding places under logs and bark.
  • Of course, well fitting insect screens will prevent any unwanted visitors in the first place.

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