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Our Professional Cockroach Treatment

All our cockroach treatments start with a comprehensive inspection to determine the cockroach species present, the size of the problem and locate any cockroach hiding places.

To get complete control of a cockroach problem and get lasting protection, a combination of products is normally required

• Use of specialised cockroach gel baits (the best way to get complete control of a cockroach population) and sprays inside the home.

• Treatment of roof voids with insecticidal powder and sub-floor spaces with other control agents.

• Spraying the outside perimeter of buildings to prevent large cockroaches coming in.

What to expect?

Although the initial treatment will have a big impact on the cockroach problem, complete control may take 2-3 weeks, especially with German cockroach infestations.

This is because cockroach baits take a few days to work – the bait containing a slow acting insecticide is taken back to the cockroach hiding places, where it is spread to other cockroaches. This takes a little time and there are always un-hatched cockroach eggs – the young will only be exposed to the bait when they hatch.

As long as you take the preventative actions to eliminate conditions attractive to cockroaches, our treatments come with a 6-month warranty on houses and 3 months on units.

In situations where there is a significant German cockroach infestation, more than one visit may be necessary – but we won’t stop until the problem is gone!

All our treatments are designed to be safe around your family and pets and we will discuss any particular concerns you may have before we start.

Large cockroaches. Eg. American cockroach (up to 5cm)
Small cockroaches. Eg. German cockroach (up to 1.5cm)


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Cockroaches are disgusting and can cause illness. Having a cockroach problem isn’t necessary “your fault” but you certainly don’t want friend and neighbours to know you have a cockroach problem. You will want the problem dealt with quickly and professionally.

In 95% of cases we’re able to give you a binding quote over the phone. If we can’t, we’ll come out to your property as soon as possible and provide you with an onsite quote – free of charge.

When you contact us for your free quote, we’ll ask you a few questions to help us give you a the best price and advice over the phone, such as:

• How many bedrooms does your house have?
• How big is your land?
• What is your house made of?
• What access exists, if any, to your roof and subfloor?
• How many kitchens do you have?
• How many stories is your home?
• Is your problem with large cockroaches (> 3cm) or small cockroaches (<1.5cm)

If you give us accurate answers to these questions, we can give you a quick and easy, binding quote over the phone – and we promise NO surprises down the road.

With Pink Pest Services, cockroaches are here today and gone tomorrow!

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Key cockroach facts

Cockroaches can make your home downright unpleasant to live in – you never knowing what might be lurking behind that cupboard door or inside your kitchen drawers.

In addition to being your most unwanted houseguest, cockroaches can be dangerous to your health. They can carry serious illnesses such as salmonella, dysentery, and gastroenteritis – and their droppings can contribute to childhood asthma.

Unfortunately, by the time you spot the first one, you’ve probably already got an infestation on your hands. Cockroaches have an exceptional ability to stay out of sight – hidden in nooks, crannies and hard to reach places.

Most of the young cockroaches stay in their hiding places. For every adult you see there could be as many as 20 young cockroaches back in the harborage.

Cockroaches are nocturnal – if you see one during the day, you could have a big problem as the hiding places are probably overcrowded?

Generally speaking there are two types of cockroaches;

  • large cockroaches (American cockroach, Australian cockroach) which tend to live outside and come inside looking for moisture and food,
  • small cockroaches (German cockroach), which tend to live inside, in kitchens and bathrooms.


German cockroaches are small (adults only 1.5cm) and can set up home in the smallest of hiding places; cracks, door hinges, dishwasher control panel, toasters, microwaves, etc. They can be impossible to get rid of without the assistance of a trained pest professional – you need to kill all the cockroaches in their hiding places or the problem will return.

German cockroach laying an egg case (contains up to 48 eggs!)


You’ll find that most general questions are answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, just contact us.

BONUS! Cockroach Prevention Tips

After Pink Pest Control has eradicated the cockroach problem in your home, there are actions homeowners can take to minimise the chances of a cockroach problem in the future:

• Keep all food stored away in sealed containers
• Use garbage cans with a tight lid
• Clean the kitchen frequently and vacuum regularly.
• Don’t leave pet food out
• Repair water leaks such as dripping taps promptly.
• Seal off entry points such as holes around kickboards, in between kitchen cabinets, pipes, doors, and windows with steel wool or copper mesh and cement, putty or silicone caulk.
• Check any incoming boxes for cockroach egg cases

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