Natural Pest Control

When it comes to natural termite control, there are several do-it-yourself options that homeowners may choose to try. Here’s a short list of methods you may consider.

Bear in mind we always recommend using a licensed termite specialist at the earliest sign of an infestation to guarantee a quick and effective resolution.

None the less, here are some examples of natural remedies believed to help with pest control (with varying degrees of success!):

1.    Essential Oil Treatment

Clove bud oil and vetiver oil is sometimes  used to repel pests. You can find these essential oils at most health food stores and use a mist spray bottle to apply them to vulnerable areas.

2.    Physical Barriers

The most obvious way to stop pests naturally, is to prevent them entering your home in the first place. Install fly-screens on doors and windows and ensure that cracks and crevices around doors and floorboards are sealed..

3.    Exotic Plants

Some homeowners believe that planting trees or shrubs that are naturally repellant to termites can reduce the likelihood of termite invasion. Some of these include:

  • Silver Oak
  • White Cedar
  • Common Catawpa
  • Hook Thorn
  • Himalayan Cedar
  • Australian Blackwood
  • Red Gum

Planting any of these around your property may reduce the odds of termite infestation, but it certainly won’t guarantee anything.

4.    Use Preventative Techniques

There are a few steps you can take to make your home less friendly to termites.

Here are a few  preventative techniques:

  • Do not store timber or firewood near your house.
  • Do not allow garden beds, soil, leaf debris etc to build against the exterior walls of your property.
  • If you have suspended timber floors in your home, ensure that there is adequate airflow below the floor. Install additional vents is required.
  • If your home is on a concrete slab, ensure that the edge of the slab remains visible and is not covered by gardens, lawns etc. This will make detecting a termite infestation much easier.

Homeowners may have various levels of success by following these natural termite control tips. However, the best way to protect your home is to hire a professional termite control specialist.

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