DIY Pest Control

When it comes to do-it-yourself pest control, the best strategy is prevention. This means taking a proactive approach to eliminate pest-friendly conditions in and around your property.

Consider the following tips for DIY Pest Control:

1.    Remove sources of standing water.

A small leak in a tap or in your plumbing  may be all that’s necessary to establish a water source for roaches and other pests. Insects need water to survive and by eliminating sources of standing water, you will be making your property less hospitable to pests.

Indoor potted-plants, leaky plumbing and half-empty drinking cups are all examples of standing water that you can eliminate in your home.

2.    Seal off entry points.

Unfortunately, most pests don’t use the front door to access your property! Instead, termites, cockroaches and other insects find places like cracks in your foundation, improperly sealed windows and holes in your walls to gain entry. Seal off these access points with sealant  to prevent these unwelcome pests from making your home their own!

3.    Thoroughly clean areas where food is stored, prepared and eaten.

A small piece of cereal that you accidently dropped last weekend may provide dinner for several hungry cockroaches. If you want to prevent pests from invading your home, you must eliminate easy access to food.

Keep dry foods like biscuits and cereals in sealed plastic or metal containers and always clean your kitchen and dining area thoroughly after use. Washing dishes may be a chore, but allowing plates with food to pile up will also attract hungry invaders!

4.    Clean your property regularly.

Regular sweeping and vacuuming will eliminate tiny crumbs and other organic materials that insects like to munch on. Also, you should know that cluttered areas are perfect hiding places for annoying pests. Don’t allow laundry, cardboard boxes or bags of rubbish to sit long enough to create a hospitable environment for invasive pests.

By putting things away and maintaining a clean environment, you’ll be making your home a less-likely target for insects like termites and cockroaches.

Hiring a Professional Pest Control Company

Do-it-yourself methods of pest control can help, but sometimes your best option is to hire a professional pest control company.

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