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Our Professional Ant Treatments

All our ant treatments start with a comprehensive inspection to determine the ant species present, the size of the problem and locate any ant nests. Generally there are two type of ant problems

• Indoor ant problems, where the ants are nesting indoors or coming in from outside

• Outdoor ant problems, where ants are causing a problem in the lawn or in pavers

To get complete control of a ant problem and get lasting protection, a combination of products is normally required.

• Use of specialised ant gel baits are required to eliminate the colony

• Spraying the outside perimeter of buildings to reduce the population and prevent ants coming in.

• Treatment of roof voids and sub-floors may also be required

What to expect?

A successful ant treatment requires a combination of expertise and specialist ant products – which simply aren’t available to homeowners from supermarkets or hardware stores.

Just spraying the ants you see may reduce the numbers for a short time, but the nest will quickly recover and the problem will return. The objective of any ant control treatment is to kill the queen (or queens) in the nest. If the queen is dead, no more eggs can be laid and the nest will die – lasting control is achieved.

Ant baits are the best solution. Ant baits are a highly attractive ant food and a slow acting insecticide. It needs to be slow acting so that the ants can take the bait back to the nest and pass it on to their nest mates (including the queen), before it starts to work and they realise something is wrong. Depending on the bait, the species and the level of infestation, colony control can take between 3 days and 2 weeks.

The key challenge with ant control is that the colony structure varies by species. Some species have just one nest with one queen. Other species have one nest with many queens and others have multiple nests, with multiple queens, all part of the same colony. To kill the colony, you need to kill all the queens. Sometimes the level of infestation of these multiple nest / multiple queen species is such that it is impossible to eliminate the colony and so it becomes a question of management to keep the numbers down and out of the house.

Baiting treatments are often supported by spray treatments with specialist ant products.

All our treatments are designed to be safe around your family and pets and we will discuss any particular concerns you may have before we start.

Indoor ant treatments

Nest location and use of baits are critical for dealing with indoor ant problems.

Black house ants treated with ant gel bait

Black house ants feeding on a gel ant bait

Outdoor ant treatments

Ants outdoors can make a big mess of paved areas – not only can this be unsightly but can be expensive to re-lay. An outdoor treatment will elminate the ants from the pavers and prevent their return for several months.

Ants such as the coastal brown ant can make a big mess of pavers

Lawn ant treatments

Have a lawn areas that is safe for children and pets is a basic requirement for homeowners. We have lawn ant treatments that can deal with biting ants (such as the green-headed ant) and funnel ants (which make mud chimneys on your lawn after rain, resulting in an unsightly mess and soil subsidence). Our lawn ant treatments will eliminate ants from your lawn. The duration of protection will vary by species, but a treatment for funnel ants can often last more than a year.

Funnel ant nest on lawn

Funnel ants can make a mess of lawns – making them uneven and unsightly, reducing the value of your home

* The guarantee we offer with our ant treatment will depend on the species causing the problem and the size of the infestation. For example if the infestation is from a multi-nest, multiple queen species which is covering the whole neighbourhood, eliminating the ants completely will be impossible. Please discuss with one of our friendly staff for more information


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