Ant Control Demonstration

Alternatives to Spraying and Dusting

Transcript: The purpose of this short video is to demonstrate the use of alternatives in ant control to conventional spraying and dusting. You’ll notice this window frame and we can zoom in here – aluminium window frame and a rendered, and there’s no particular ant activity.  On the frame adjacent to this one three or four ants and, that is all that are noted to be foraging.

DuPont Advion Ant Bait

Transcript: For the purposes of this demonstration, we’re going to be using Dupoint Advion Ant Bait.  This is one of a variety of new generation ant baits available. A number of small one to two inch strips of bait were applied to cracks around this window frame, approximately 10 minutes previously.  At that point in time there were three or four ants visible.  Since then, those worker ants have notified other workers in their colony that there’s something fairly palatable here. Now, we will zoom in, in just a moment.

Ant Baiting Techniques

Transcript: There’s a concentration of bait in that corner.  The strip that’s been placed in the join between the window frame and the building wall.  As you can see there are very large numbers of worker ants.  Where you can see concentrations of ants such as in those two places there, additional bait has been applied.  These ants are consuming bait and returning to their colony. As we move along the door frame here, you’ll see additional concentration where further strips of bait have been applied.

DuPoint Advion Demonstration

Transcript: At each location where ants are concentrated, there is a small amount of ant bait. This is a very graphic demonstration of how palatable baits can be to the right variety of ants. Now these are black ants. This particular bait is unlikely to be this effective with brown ants, but, there are alternatives when brown ants are encountered. So these ants are consuming the bait and, they’re taking it back to their nest where they are feeding their nest mates

Pest Control Methods

Transcript: In addition to their nest mates, they’re also treating the young ants, and the queen most importantly. The bait contains a slow acting toxin. Because if the bait kills the ants too quickly, you don’t destroy the nest, and that’s the main purpose, killing a few hundred, or even a few thousand worker ants achieves little; because the queen can replace them in a matter of a day or two. So we’re using the ants own behavior against them.

Ant Bait Uncovers Nest

Transcript: This is another section of the frame. There were no ants present before the bait was applied, and within five minutes of the bait being applied, one or two worker ants located it. It’s been 15 minutes since that occurred, and the number of ants, now visible, clearly demonstrates just how appealing the right bait can be. This bait will take something in the order of a week to destroy all the nests connected with this colony. Something that couldn’t be achieved reliably using any other form of control.

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Ant Activity

Worker Ants Facilitating Ant Removal

Transcript: It’s now approximately 25 minutes since bait was first applied to this door frame. At that time, there were only three or four ants roaming around this frame, and as can be seen there are now many hundreds. With the helpers or worker ants, all of these others have been drawn here from their nest, collecting bait and taking it back.

Selecting the Right Ant Bait

Transcript: If the right bait selection used in the right conditions, against the correct species of ant; very dramatic results can be obtained.

Ants Consuming DuPont Advion Ant Bait

The Future of Ant Control

Transcript: You can see the strip of bait there, and the ants are literally shoulder to shoulder finding a spot to get in there and consume some bait. This is the future of ant control.

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On-Site Ant Control

Transcript: In the window frame to the right of this door, we’ve also applied some bait. Again, we’ve got black ants, but these are smaller ants. This is a separate infestation altogether with a separate nest. Now, we’ve got different spaces of ants here, but the same bait has been equally as effective. They’re here in the hundreds, and again there were only one or two workers here before the bait was applied.

These ants are actually trekking up the wall, along the inside of this covered area, right up past this living section and behind the ceiling lining at the very top of that roof, nearly five meters off the ground. The actual nest will be inside that roof line. Fortunately, we don’t have to try and get to them, the ants are doing that job for us.

Destroy Ant Nests

Transcript: So at the outside, in a weeks-time, this entire infestation will have been destroyed, regardless of the location of these nests and regardless of how many nests are connected with the infestation. They may in fact be located in the opposite side of this home, but the bait and treatment will be equally as effective.

Ants Eating Ant Bait

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