Extreme Termite Damage, termite inspections and lessons in vigilance for Sydney

In 2015, heavy rains began to the coast of New South Wales and Queensland. The moisture in the environment meant that many of the typical haunts for termites in nearby forests were washed out and untenable, and it also meant that your average house was doubly attractive. They were warm, they were dry, with a predictable climate. Among termite control experts, from Newtown to Kellyville to the Northern Territory, this is known as a ‘perfect storm’

It didn’t take long for the hordes of termites to realise the bounty they had found in one particular home. And somehow, despite a tenant living in the unit full-time, they went unnoticed in the walls and floors until a long time had passed. The results were catastrophic.

The plasterboard wall was so soft from moisture damage, it could be penetrated with one finger. Inside the walls, the colony was industriously chewing away on anything within reach – including key structural elements, which were rapidly deteriorating. Even more surprising, the laundry room was sporting a full-size wing of the nest – sticking out of the wall in to the living area! Somehow, this had not seemed out of the norm to the occupants.

Throughout the building, the case was the same. This massive colony had found an entry point, and in the absence of any resistance, had moved in en masse. They had then populated nearly every wall of the home, including shared walls with the units on either side.

The owner of the complex had relied on a property inspector to keep an eye on the premises, who had clearly been neglecting his work. But so had the tenant failed to keep his eye on the glaringly obvious damage being caused to his flat. This case, while extreme, shows the importance of ensuring an eye is kept on any property during periods of extreme danger from termites. Frequent pest and termite inspections can do a great deal to protect your Sydney home from similar damage.


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