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In the battle against an enemy as numerous and voracious as Sydney’s termites, we must use any and every method at our disposal. They have the strength of subtlety and numbers, but we have our wits, and technology has offered us a formidable tool.

Termite inspections are often envisioned as an invasive affair, disrupting your home and your property as your inspectors dig for clues. At Pink Pest, we like to be as gentle as possible with our Sydney clients, and lately, we have been using thermal pest inspection imaging to help accomplish that.

Termites, due to their activity and their needs, generate humidity, on both their work sites and in their nests. This is due to their unique and somewhat delicate body composition and chemistry; they need it to stay alive and kicking. The termite is a unique creature, in that it maintains a particular humidity and temperature in its nest throughout the day and season, through an ingenious method of ventilation.

By virtue of this, termites have a distinctive heat profile. This means they can be made visible with a proper camera. It means that you are able to spot a termite infestation in a non-invasive fashion, and on a large scale. Armed with only a special thermal camera, a thermal pest inspection technician can now survey areas of a Sydney building where, in years prior, the same inspection would have involved a good deal of invasive work to locate damage.

In particular, this approach has been utilised very effectively in a number of historical buildings in downtown areas, where preservation is a key element of the inspection. It can work for you, as well. At Pink Pest, we use every tool at our disposal for an accurate, quick, and non-invasive inspection.

For all your termite pest inspection needs, Pink Pest has Sydney covered. Contact us today!

Mal Trotter

Mal Trotter

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