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At Pink Pest, we set the standard for termite inspections in Sydney. Keeping properties safe and free of pests is our passion, and our priority. But as you get to know your foe, you can’t help but be impressed.

Although they’re often referred to as ‘white ants’, termites aren’t related to ants – their closest living relative is actually the cockroach. As a species, they have existed in the fossil record for upwards of 180 million years. And in the natural ecosystem, they play one of the most vital roles around. Termites actually give more than they take.

Termites contribute considerably to the earth’s ecosystem. They contribute to quickening the pace of decomposition in dead or dying trees, enriching the soil. This becomes self-evident after you take a look at older termite mounds, which have been abandoned by their creators: they sprout with plant life, attracted to the richness of the soil.

The tunnelling habits of the termite offer the soil a further boost. These tunnels allow the soil to aerate, so that life-giving oxygen can reach deeper in to the ground. Rainwater is further able to permeate the soil through these tunnels, improving the richness and viability of the soil.

The termites themselves can also serve as a food source for a variety of creatures. Monkeys and anteaters make use of termite mounds for feeding purposes, along with a wide variety of birds. So despite their unsuitability for urban environments, the natural world would be in a considerably worse state in their absence.

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Mal Trotter

Mal Trotter

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