An analysis of the termite damage in both Sydney and Melbourne was conducted by Archicentre Limited which is the building advisory service of The Royal Australian Institute of Architects. In 2003 and 2004 research was done to develop an extensive inspection of buildings as well as collecting and reporting data.

The Archicentre Pest inspection service was started in 2005 in Melbourne, and in Sydney in 2006, which will gain a better understanding of the aspects of timber pest attacks every where in Australia.

After examining 80,000 inspection reports, it has been determined that there is a definite increase in termite attacks in Australian homes. It was also found that warmer regions are more likely to have termites than the colder regions, and would therefore need more termite protection.

In Australia, Queensland was found to have the biggest infestation. The reports and subsequent analysis showed that termite attacks had increased by 11%. South Australia, New South Wales, and ACT have the second biggest infestation by showing an increase of 9%, which is still very high. Victoria has experienced an increase of 8%, while Western Australia saw a termite increase of 5%.

When it comes to pest treatment, in the year 2006, the average costs to treat a home infected by termites stood at around $2,500. This is a huge savings over the average price of $4,500 to repair an infestation. Of course, this amount will be affected by the area in which the home is located.

Do you have termites? There are some things that you can be looking for. The first thing you want to do is check your stumps and concrete barriers, do you see any mud? You also want to look at the sub floor of your home, is there any damage? Now you want to actually check the inside and outside of your home. Look around a foot from the floor or ground, check to see if there are any termite signs.

Termites seem to be the most active if a home is surrounded by lots of trees. Homes that were built 30 year ago or older are often more likely to have termite infestation.  Many home owners however create virtual termite attractions. For instance the way a home owner landscapes their home, making untreated wood and the like a very enticing meal for some prospective and hungry termites. Things such as old logs around the lawn, or non treated wood fence posts are likely termite attractors. Putting mulch around the home all the way against the wall of the home may also cause a termite attack.

If you have firewood that you like to store in your shed to keep dry when not in use, the termites are not going to be hungry for very long. However, using treated wood or concrete slabs is not your only defense as well. Termites are smart, they can smell or spot wood in even the tiniest places, after all, they are not that big.

The best defense you have is to make sure that you are having regular checks of your home for termites and other pests. Keeping control over them is the only way to prevent and eliminate them.

One last idea, this is especially for prospective home buyers, always make sure that you bring out a pest control company to do an inspection before you buy. This could actually save you thousands in unwanted and unnecessary repairs.

If you’re concerned about any of these common pests and need some help exterminating them, you can contact Pink Pest Services for professional pest control in Sydney or call 02 9529 5222 for immediate assistance.

Mal Trotter

Mal Trotter

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