How To Prevent and Control Cockroach Infestations in Sydney

Sydney is home to two major types of cockroach infestations: those of the big, ugly Australian variety and those of the smaller German cockroaches.

Despite their names, these insects are not necessarily associated with national geography, and can be found in any size or type of home. As cockroaches are known for their transmission of diseases and their contamination of food, it is in the best interest of every citizen of Sydney to prevent and control all cockroach infestations.

The ideal path to take is one of prevention. Like all living critters, cockroaches need a place to live, food, and water. In order to keep your Sydney property clean and free of cockroach infestations, the best approach is to deny them these three essentials.

Deny them a place to live:

  • Repair holes that give access to your home or living space. This includes those around water pipes, doors, and windows.
  • Put barriers over vents and floor drains. Obviously, air and water still need to be able to flow through these vessels. Use a barrier that is big enough to keep them running but small enough to keep the cockroaches out.
  • Keep clutter to a minimum. Cockroaches love to hide in boxes, piles of paper, wood piles, and garbage.

Deny them food:

  • Store all your food in air-tight containers. Never leave food uncovered (for cockroaches, garbage is food, so don’t leave that out either).
  • Try to keep your sink free of dirty dishes. Go one step further by rinsing everything once you are done using it.
  • Sweep or vacuum your kitchen often.

Deny them water:

  • Repair any leaking water sources.
  • Don’t leave standing water.

Unfortunately, even the most diligent preventative measures can’t keep all the cockroaches out of Sydney. We all know how hardy these insects are!

If a cockroach infestation does occur, you will have to control the problem. This includes not only ridding your home of the cockroaches currently residing there, but also taking steps to ensure that all eggs have been eliminated.

Chemical controls are the most widely used method of managing cockroach infestations. These have advantages and disadvantages. The obvious disadvantage is the averse effect some chemicals have on the living environment. The only way around this barrier is to use pest control companies that are trained in minimizing the risk to you and your family. Many commercially available insecticide sprays, dusts, aerosols, and baits are not ideal for this. Fortunately, Pink Pest Services only uses treatment agents that are safe for your home, children, pets, and even plants.

Cockroach infestations are not fun for anyone, and the method of ridding your home of every last insect and egg can be a timely process. This process is only drawn out when it is not done by a trained professional. If you’re struggling to keep your home completely free of cockroaches in the Sydney climate, the next best step is to use cockroach control services you know are safe and guaranteed.

Mal Trotter

Mal Trotter

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