Choose a Pest Control Solution that Considers the Safety of People, Pets, and Plants

The very act of searching for the right pest control solution leads to many concerns, not the least of which is safety. Just finding pest damage can be quite disturbing, but once the shock has worn off, several questions begin to form; and many of them involve the safety of the things you care about the most:

  • Will the pest themselves cause structural damage to my home?
  • Can they be causing health issues for my family?
  • What kind of safety precautions are taken when implementing the pest control solution?

While concerns for the safety of your home and family are often the first considered, there are secondary worries, as well:

  • Will the pest control solution endanger my pets?
  • Are my plants in danger of being hurt or killed by either the pests or the pest control solution?
  • Are pesticides going to contaminate the water or soil around my home?

Of course the financial aspects of pest problems are troubling, but most of us are even more concerned about the safety of the people and animals we love. In today’s environmentally conscious world, we also want to be sure we’re safeguarding the planet on which we all live. While getting rid of the pests is often your first order of business, doing so safely can quickly become an even bigger issue.

When the safety of your family, pets, and plants is on the line, you’ll want to be sure to choose a professional company that is dedicated to these same concerns. There are many different pest control solutions available today, and the company you hire should be willing to take all of your worries and concerns into consideration when recommending the right one for your situation.

Keep in mind, though, that each situation is unique; so there is no one-size-fits-all pest control solution. Companies like Pink Pest Services will strive to offer you the best option, while keeping in mind the safety of your family, pets, and the environment. In some cases, for example, a fairly low-impact method of termite baiting might be the method of choice. Baiting stations use an insect growth regulator that is not poisonous, and the stations themselves are tamper resistant.

Pink Pest Services is proud to be an Australian-owned and operated business servicing the Sydney area. The fact that we are family-owned means that we are serious about pest control solutions that ensure the safety of your family and ours. When we say that we’re “family friendly,” we mean it. After all, we know that your pets and your property make up an important part of the family. Like you, we want to protect them all from the unwanted pests and from any safety threats that could have been caused by other pest control solutions.

Contact us about pest control solutions that are safe for your children, pets and plants.

Mal Trotter

Mal Trotter

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