Desperate to Get Rid of Your Rodent Problem Right Away

Desperate to Get Rid of Your Rodent Problem?

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Does the scurrying of rodents keep you on edge in your own home? A rodent problem can pose a serious health risk to your family. Unfortunately, so can attempting to treat the problem on your own.

While poisoning and setting traps can be somewhat effective, they can also be very dangerous to small children and pets.

Protect your family and your home by getting the job done right the first time. Call in the professionals at Pink Pest Services and we’ll take care of your rodent problem using the most effective, safest and quickest methods available.

We will:

  1. Determine which risk factors are present in your home
  2. Look for possible rodent points and point them out so that you can take steps to seal them off.
  3. Safely employ the latest control measures.
  4. Strategically place bait stations where they are most effective and least inaccessible by children and pets

Just give us a try and we’ll give you a rodent-free home!

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If You Suspect You May Have a Mouse or Rat Infestation, Here are Three Tell-Tale Signs

  1. Burrows dug into the ground: Look for hard-packed dirt around the openings, especially near concrete slabs, fences, or materials you have stored outdoors.
  2. Gnawed wood: A mouse’s incisor teeth grow continuously and they gnaw on wood to wear them down.
  3. Shredded material such as paper: This is likely sign that mice are making nests on your property.

Why Choose Pink Pest Services for Permanent Rodent Control?

  • Competitive, upfront quotes with no added surprises later
  • Zero harmful or toxic chemicals – Keeping your family and pets safe is our top priority
  • Clean, uniformed, professional employees only – no sub-contractors, no sub-quality work
  • Fully-accredited, family-owned business serving the Sydney area for over 36 years

Plus, A Personal Rodent-Free
Guarantee You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Mal Trotter

“If we fail to control your rodent infestation with the measures we detail in our initial proposal, we will apply further treatment at no cost to you.”

Mal Trotter, Owner, Pink Pest Control


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In 95% of cases we’re able to give you a binding quote over the phone. If we can’t, we’ll come out to your property as soon as possible and provide you with an onsite quote – free of charge.

When you contact us for your free quote, we’ll ask you a few questions to help us give you a the best price over the phone, such as:


  • How many bedrooms does your house have?
  • How big is your land?
  • What is your house made of?
  • What access exists, if any, to your roof and subfloor?
  • How many kitchens do you have?
  • How many stories is your home?

If you give us accurate answers to these questions, we can give you a quick and easy, binding quote over the phone – and we promise NO surprises down the road.

With Pink Pest Services, rodents are here today and gone tomorrow!

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You’ll find that most questions are answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, just contact us.

BONUS! Top Tips For Controlling Rats and Mice

If you’re feeling helpless, angry or just plain scared of the rodents in and around your home, call Pink today. After we’ve eradicated the problem, here are the top two things you can do to ensure the little buggers never show their faces (or tails!) in your home again.

Don’t lay out the welcome mat. If you don’t want rats and mice living in your home, then make sure it doesn’t feel too “homey” to them. Get rid of materials that might encourage nesting, such as building materials stored outside and brush or weeds crowding your foundation. Raise stored firewood up off of the ground as well.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. You are far more likely to experience a rat infestation if there are food sources available to them. Store all rubbish in containers with tight lids. Likewise, keep the food in your cupboards in air-tight containers to discourage rats and mice from scavenging.

Take the first step to ridding your rodent problem and getting your peace of mind back by calling us today!

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