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Desperate to Get Rid of Cockroaches?

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Cockroaches can make your home downright unpleasant to live in… never knowing what’s lurking behind that cupboard door or inside your kitchen drawers.

In addition to being your most unwanted house guest, cockroaches can be dangerous to your health. They can carry serious illnesses such as salmonella, dysentery, and gastroenteritis – and their droppings can contribute to childhood asthma.

Unfortunately, by the time you spot the first one, you’ve probably already got an infestation on your hands. Cockroaches have an exceptional ability to stay out of sight – hidden in nooks, crannies and hard to reach places.

They can be impossible to get rid of without the assistance of a trained pest professional. Killing them one by one won’t eradicate the problem.

But give us a try and we’ll give you a cockroach-free home!

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Why Choose Pink Pest Services
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  • Competitive, upfront quotes with no added surprises later
  • Zero harmful or toxic chemicals – Keeping your family and pets safe is our top priority
  • Clean, uniformed, professional employees only – no sub-contractors, no sub-quality work
  • Fully-accredited, family-owned business serving the Sydney area for over 36 years

Plus, A Personal Cockroach-Free
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Mal Trotter

“If we fail to control your cockroach infestation with the measures we recommend in our initial proposal, we will apply further treatment at no cost to you.”

Mal Trotter, Owner, Pink Pest Control


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In 95% of cases we’re able to give you a binding quote over the phone. If we can’t, we’ll come out to your property as soon as possible and provide you with an onsite quote – free of charge.

When you contact us for your free quote, we’ll ask you a few questions to help us give you a the best price and advice over the phone, such as:


  • How many bedrooms does your house have?
  • How big is your land?
  • What is your house made of?
  • What access exists, if any, to your roof and subfloor?
  • How many kitchens do you have?
  • How many stories is your home?

If you give us accurate answers to these questions, we can give you a quick and easy, binding quote over the phone – and we promise NO surprises down the road.

With Pink Pest Services, cockroaches are here today and gone tomorrow!

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You’ll find that most questions are answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, just contact us.

BONUS! Cockroach Prevention Tips

After Pink has eradicated the cockroach problem in your home, here are the most effective ways to make sure they stay gone forever:

  1. Keep all food stored away in sealed containers
  2. Use garbage cans with a tight lid
  3. Clean the kitchen frequently and vacuum regularly
  4. Repair water leaks such as dripping taps promptly.
  5. Seal off entry points such as holes around kickboards, in between kitchen cabinets, pipes, doors, and windows with steel wool or copper mesh and cement, putty or silicone caulk.

Take the first step to ridding your cockroach problem and getting your peace of mind back by calling us today!

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