Drones and Pest Control Innovations in Sydney

Drones and Pest Control Innovations in Sydney

Pest control in Sydney’s strawberry fields has entered a new era. Now, it is not only the pests that will be waging battle from above. Innovative pest controllers have begun to utilise a new weapon in the fight against ruinous pest infestations. But rather than wings, this weapon uses six propellers to lift itself above the rest.

Pest control agents take many forms, and among crops such as strawberries, they often involve the application of other insects. Dropping a supply of ladybugs, for example, does a fine job of controlling aphids, a smaller prey species that can negatively impact upon strawberry plants.

The labour-intensive application of these pest control bugs worked against their functionality, but that is set to change. The usage of drones has made the ‘dropping’ of lady bugs in to strawberry patches a considerably easier task, as the height of the drop zone means they are spread more evenly across the paddock.

According to recent practitioners, the strength of the wind and the height of the drop, as well as the humidity, play a role in the drop method. The bugs themselves must also be cared for properly. But pest species in the area must now share the skies.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Mal Trotter

Mal Trotter

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